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  • #1, by GlenfxSunday, 22. December 2013, 07:09 11 years ago
    Hey, well it's been a LONG time since i used visionaire, but i had this idea about a simplistic damage feature using only action parts.
    The main idea i had was to make let's say a scene where you have either a zombie or an animal etc. guard a place and with the right tool or object you deal damage to it, but at the same time if you get close to it it chases after you and deal some damage as well.

    So I took the tutorial scene and made the enemy chase to do the damage fairly easy, but i get a problem and I don't know what might be the cause since the actions are quite simple.
    The problem is that when the "enemy" character chases the main character, the "attack" animation pauses at the beginning and unless the main character moves it won't make the attack action, and it keeps pausing after each hit is done.

    You can download and play the test here (don't mind the "attack" animation, i just wanted some different animated frames to see something move in its place):

    I basically made an area that when the character enters it calls a chase action. (and when it leaves the area it sends the enemy to its original position).
    The chase triggers the damage animation when it gets close in range.
    And the animation that plays has a negative value at a frame in the middle of the animation (so it lowers the "health" amount at the right moment) and at the last frame i made it play the animation again, though the infinite loop might work as well but it gets cut off if the character moves because there is no option for it to wait for the animation to finish, so i added it at the last frame for the animation.

    That's basically it, i dont know what is causing the attack animation to pause as soon as it's triggered.


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