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  • #1, by kre8Tuesday, 18. March 2014, 08:54 10 years ago
    Hello, I'm new to the forum.

    I understand that Visionaire is fine with video but I was curious about how much control you have over the video being played. lets say a video is playing in game and the player is prompted to press a button. When that button is pressed either a new video is played or even better a different time of the timeline for the current video would be jumped to. This should appear to be seamless to the player when it comes to loading times. That's why skipping through a timeline of a vid already running may be better than loading another. Would this be a hard thing to do in VS?

    I was also curious about dialog trees but I'll go search the forum and post again if I don't find anything. Any help will be useful. Thanks in advance.


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