Shadow of the Comet -Reimagined

  • #1, by GlenfxTuesday, 04. October 2016, 12:53 8 years ago
    Hello everyone!

    Early this year I wanted to get into 3D modeling again and learn a few things and tricks, so I thought I could do it by re imagining a few of the backgrounds of Shadow of the Comet and maybe doing a short remake with a better interface just for fun and testing.

    So I made a very basic playable tiny game with audio and some form of interactivity, and I was also working on the intro just to have something fun to show.

    At this point I'm considering starting over but with full 2D painted graphics instead of 3D, but at the same time I don't know if I should focus my time on an original game instead.

    I was also considering to turn my patreon page to help support the game development of either this fan remake or a new original game, but I'm guessing I should have something working to show around since patrons don't fall from the sky hehe.

    Though I would love to hear opinions about it smile

    Here are the screenshots of the working game, hope you guys like these smile

    The Dock

    Dr. Cobble's House

    The Player's room in Dr. Cobble's house

    And this is the scene in the office, it appears in the intro but I thought about making it as the main game start screen.


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  • #2, by sebastianTuesday, 04. October 2016, 18:26 8 years ago
    Really cool 3d renderings of the game scenes. I never played CoC, but watched some videos on YouTube a few weeks ago. Man, what a weird game ...and these long pauses in the dialogs...

    I would suggest to create an own game instead of recreate CoC.^^

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  • #3, by GlenfxWednesday, 05. October 2016, 09:53 8 years ago
    Thank you!.

    I will be making an original game instead.

    I will polish what I made for this so people can play with it and then I'll start with my own game. At least I learned something while making this one, and I can use the UI I made frot his too smile


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  • #4, by caligarimarteWednesday, 05. October 2016, 19:17 8 years ago
    Though I personally find the first Screenshot a tiny Bit weird, I like the one with the House and love the two Interior Shots. The only Things I personally find bothersome is that for the Floors in those two Interiors you change the Herringbone Pattern into a more Tile-based Pattern. Maybe a Matter of Taste. But there surely is some good Render-Art there.

    I certainly think that you should make your very own Game though -- maybe you could also make something with the Cthulu-Mythos.
    As to whether you should make something with prerendered 3D-Visuals or rather painted 2D-Visuals, I don't know. Personally, I feel more drawn to painted 2D-Visuals, if they are nicely done, but your prerendered 3D-Interiors look very nice too... of Course, what you could do is prerendering them and then overdraw the entire Image and turn it into a Painting. I sometimes think that such Adventures with prerendered Backgrounds would possibly look nicer that Way.

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  • #5, by bananeisafreeThursday, 06. October 2016, 23:12 8 years ago
    Kaa Naama fhtag'n Cthulhu!

    ... Hum ... sorry ...

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