Shader Toolkit - no shaders after loading the game

  • #1, by MateuszFriday, 11. October 2019, 21:54 4 years ago
    We are experiencing weird, reproductible bug regarding shader toolkit in COMPILED versions of game (in player/preview everything works perfect).

    For example, in every scene wrapped in  “at beginning of scene” we have action part "execute script 'shaderNoise'" . When you are playing compiled game in one playthrought noise is present and animated as it should be. However, if you exit the game and continue  playing it later with the use of "Load Game", while game works as it should, there is  no noise at all. Progressing to new scenes (remember – each of them has at start "execute script" ) doesn't help – there is no noise in loaded games.

    This problem pretty much connects to all other “preset based” effects from shader toolkit. If scenes containing them are reached during single playthrought they work as they should, however if those scenes are reached after loading the game, effects are not applied, as if shader toolkit after loading the game was dormant/non existent.

    We use simplest “create autosave”/ “load autosave” system.

    I would appreciate any help in sorting the matter.

    Game compiled in 5.07, shader toolkit Version 0.96


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  • #2, by SimonSFriday, 11. October 2019, 22:21 4 years ago
    anything in the log ?

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  • #3, by MateuszSunday, 13. October 2019, 19:17 4 years ago
    After fiddling with the problem, I've found "workaroundy" solution. After unchecking "definition script" for shader toolkit and calling it manually whenever execute script 'shaderEffect' is about to be used, everything seems to be working fine. But I'll call it a day after some additional testing. 


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