Set visibility of interface button

  • #1, by dror-ben-hurMonday, 18. June 2018, 17:26 6 years ago
    Hi all,
    How can I set visibility of certain interface button (active image)? 
    I like to get a fade effect on this buuton.

    Thank you.


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  • #2, by afrlmeMonday, 18. June 2018, 18:41 6 years ago
    Sorry, it's not possible to set visbility of buttons. Maybe Simon will add the option at some point in the future to do that.

    Currently it's only possible to set the visibility for interfaces themselves which includes everything inside of the interface.

    The only solution currently would be for you to create an interface for each button.

    Other alternative would be to create the button as animations to fade in, out, etc.


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  • #3, by stothewMonday, 18. June 2018, 20:16 6 years ago
    You can use animations in buttons. so an image sequence of an button fading out would also be possible.

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  • #4, by dror-ben-hurTuesday, 19. June 2018, 07:07 6 years ago
    Too bad roll


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  • #5, by sebastianTuesday, 19. June 2018, 08:15 6 years ago
    if you only need an immediate fade in 0 seconds for the active image, it would be the easiest way to just make that graphic use semi transparent pixels.

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