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  • #1, by daniel-sanchez-mateosWednesday, 10. January 2018, 07:01 6 years ago
    Hi, before all thanks for the answers. I need to know if it's possible to send to a server or to save in a txt/xls/cvs file data form the users when tehy do specific actions in the game.



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  • #2, by sebastianWednesday, 10. January 2018, 08:33 6 years ago
    Hey there smile 

    Visionaire Studio has websocket functions included since V4. They would be usable only with Lua though. 
    You could use that to get information from a server but im not sure if there is the possibility to save data.

    See here for more information:

    The other way are local files and these are definitely possible to save to (depending on where you try to save) . The wiki shows an example on how to implement a config.ini file and make use of read and write functions :

    Hope this helps


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