Scrolling problem. 'Set horizontal scroll area' broken?

  • #1, by fabian-schurgersTuesday, 07. April 2020, 17:08 A year ago
    Hi there,

    I have a bit of a problem with trying to get the screen to scroll.

    As you enter a particular scene, a character is just at the edge of the screen. As you approach and talk to him, the screen should scroll so that he is in the center.

    But I can't get the screen to scroll properly.

    Setting a Horizontal Scroll Area border used to work, but it doesn't now, for some reason.
    And when I use the Scroll to Object action, it works, but the screen scrolls right back to it's original position!

    Anyone know how best to scroll the screen?

    Best regards,



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  • #2, by fabian-schurgersWednesday, 08. April 2020, 08:41 A year ago
    I tried some more, and the 'set horizontal scroll area of scene' used to work, but stopped after updates.
    So I guess it is broken?

    The rest of the scrolling seems to work strangely as well, but that might be me.


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