Script type changes by itself - Version 4 Beta Build 1164

  • #1, by EvrenSunday, 20. April 2014, 12:38 10 years ago
    Go to scripts tab, have 2 scripts: Script1 and Script2 both are execution scripts.
    Select Script1. Click Properties tab. Change type to definition script. Click Script tab.
    Select Script2. Click Properties tab. Type of Script2 also changes to definition script.

    Select Script1. Change script type. Select Script2. Select Script tab. Then select Properties tab. Same thing happens.


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  • #2, by afrlmeSunday, 20. April 2014, 13:23 10 years ago
    yeah for some reason it seems to randomly not unselect the previously selected script & ends up changing the properties type for both.


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  • #3, by AlexMonday, 21. April 2014, 16:28 10 years ago
    I already spent a few hours debugging this problem but couldn't find a solution so far. This is a problem with our underlying GUI library - when selecting the other script the radio buttons are set. Since the radio buttons are hidden (because they are in the other tab) something goes wrong with setting the radio button status.

    I'll change the radio buttons to a checkbox as a workaround. The same problem occurs with the radio buttons in the interface properties, I'll have to change them to a dropdown.

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  • #4, by NigecWednesday, 23. April 2014, 14:37 10 years ago
    The company I beta test for just switched to WXWidgets 3 and are having a lot of problems

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