Score, Pause game, Video captions.

  • #1, by GlenfxFriday, 02. December 2016, 02:56 8 years ago
    Hello, I have a few questions on how to implement a few things in visionaire.

    I'm adding a score system, I made it work quite easily by using a value and a display object text.

    But I have a bit of a problem making it display on every scene, I'm adding the display object text at the "at beginning of scene" action and linked it to an empty object called score (on every scene), but so far only shows on the menu, any idea why is not working on the scenes?.


    I was also asked to implement a Pause Button, as far as I'm aware there is no way to add something like that, or at least with action parts.


    And I was also asked if I could add captions in video sequences, I think I read something about it some time ago, but couldn't find it.


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  • #2, by afrlmeFriday, 02. December 2016, 03:55 8 years ago
    1. have you specified the object text font? Alternative method is to use narration text set as background & update it inside of a loop every x time passed. If it's a narration text you can force it to always display on a specific part of the viewport, unlike object text which I believe is fixed to wherever you choose to display it in the current scene.

    Other alternative is to wait for when draw stuff that was added to 4.2.5 is working properly, then you should easily be able to have it automatically draw the score & update the score that's drawn each time the score is modified.

    2. pause isn't really possible. The only thing that seems to pause the game is by switching to a menu scene & & using the keep scene in memory action thing. It's not really all that easy to pause a game properly as it would involve having to check all the active animations & locking them to their current frame values & various other things to disable scene interaction.

    3. videos have to be mkv to be able to include multiple audio languages & subtitles. Don't ask me how though as I don't have a clue. Some of the other members on here have managed it, so see if you can find a thread on the forum somewhere about it...

    Anyway, here's the wiki page David wrote about the video stuff:


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  • #3, by sebastianFriday, 02. December 2016, 07:44 8 years ago
    regarding the score:

    use an interface and on that place a button (no image). the interface itself should be also "permanently visible" (interface preferences). 
    when showing an object text to the Button it should be always visible as long as the interfacd is shown where the belonging button/object is placed. Hopefully also when switching scenes... 

    you have to update the objecttext when counting the value up. 

    regarding the pause screen:

    isnt going to a menu screen enough? nearly every Vs game i know uses a menu scene to save the game. When i go to that screen via a key or it is alread a submenu, i never niticed that the world in the actual played scene changed in any way (deponia,  whuspered world, etc)... 

    Maybe simons can give us hints what is the best way here to achieve a working "pause"... 

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  • #4, by GlenfxMonday, 05. December 2016, 03:29 8 years ago
    Thanks for the input guys.

    I was able to make the score appear following Sebastian's idea. It's kind of tedious to setup but it works.

    And I had the idea a menu would pause the game, but I wasn't sure it would.

    Thanks for the help grin


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  • #5, by sebastianMonday, 12. December 2016, 19:54 8 years ago
    Hope the menu screen is enough for a "pause" solution. 

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