scene settings "out of reach" [BUG]

  • #1, by stothewSaturday, 14. July 2018, 14:16 3 years ago
    Hi all!

    i have problem with some scenes.
    I don´t know how but some scene settings (not all) are too high on screen.
    I cant reach them and cant move them...
    How can i reset the position?

    feels stupid but it is a problem...


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  • #2, by SimonSSaturday, 14. July 2018, 14:42 3 years ago
    That's currently a bug, you need to scroll the scene list all the way up and then click settings.

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  • #3, by stothewSaturday, 14. July 2018, 14:50 3 years ago
    works fine. thank you Simon!

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