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  • #1, by blaiseMonday, 04. September 2017, 14:11 7 years ago
    How is it possible after using the shader toolkit to save it's changes? I want an options menu where the player can change the game brightness, contrast. No problem with applying the desired effects, but I am having troubles with wiritng that to the .ini file. If I close and open the game again, the changes disappear.

    I am already using AFRLme's awesome Read/Write Config.ini script grin, and able to change volume, screen size etc. and save them to the .ini file. No idea however how to do this one.

    I pasted the main script of the shader toolkit to the script editor, also set as "definiton script". 

    (Already check the resources linked in many different topics with similar questions, but I cannot find this exact answer.)

    Can anyone help me out? roll


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  • #2, by caligarimarteMonday, 04. September 2017, 14:19 7 years ago
    Are you writing the Brightness into a Value (as in "Value", the Visionaire-Stuff) and make your Brightness-Contrast-Script read that Value? Surely a mere Value like any other would be easily savable.

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  • #3, by blaiseMonday, 04. September 2017, 23:10 7 years ago
    A few more hours examining the main script, and it works finally. It seems so easy now grin Thanks wink


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