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  • #1, by ygmantellTuesday, 01. September 2015, 19:42 9 years ago
    Is there any reason why one would need multiple save slots in a game where there is no way to die? I would like to just have continue and new game buttons in the main menu. The new game option would overwrite the original saved game.
    Is there any reason why people dont do this?

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  • #2, by SimonSTuesday, 01. September 2015, 19:47 9 years ago
    Because many people want different states of their game saved to go back that state. If you can go instantly to a scene from the menu in your game, you might not need that.

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  • #3, by ygmantellTuesday, 01. September 2015, 20:15 9 years ago
    With just a new game option and a continue option, you cant choose which scene you want to go to. Just resume the game you already started.

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  • #4, by afrlmeWednesday, 02. September 2015, 03:26 9 years ago
    Ultimately it's up to the developer (you) to determine what sort of save system you want to create.

    * Classic save system: multiple save slots that the player can create when they like (this system is especially recommended for games where the player can die or has to do things in a specific order to progress - think games made by sierra).

    * single continue: a single autosave & continue system. Fine for games where player can't die or for games containing player driven decisions where you don't want to allow the player to go back & undo decisions once they've made them.

    * combination of the 2 mentioned above: because why not?

    * chapter save system: an auto save for continue & 1 auto save slot per chapter (should be created at beginning of a chapter or act). Think recent titles by tell tale games, such as The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us series in which you can continue from last checkpoint or from beginning of a previously played chapter.

    There's loads of different kind of save systems - besides the ones I've mentioned - that are possible to create. They only require a bit of imagination, albeit some of the more complex ones will probably require a bit of Lua knowledge to achieve.


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  • #5, by tristan-kangThursday, 22. October 2015, 20:50 9 years ago
    Mine is 4th one.

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  • #6, by Simon_ASAMonday, 26. October 2015, 16:34 9 years ago
    I have an autosave + 3 manual save slots.

    Is there any reason why one would need multiple save slots in a game where there is no way to die?

    Autosave is useful because, if there is a sudden bug in the game that freezes everything, you can still load your recent progress without losing everything.

    Having 3 manual save slots (and not only one) allows to several people on a single PC to play, and each of them can have their own slot.
    OR the same person can create several slots, in case they want to keep their progress at a specific point for later (for example, just before a scene they enjoyed).

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