Save game thumbnail problem with android

  • #1, by elwanMonday, 24. February 2020, 21:37 4 years ago
    I'm using Visionaire version 5.0.9 and I have no problem while saving and loading game with my PC.
    When I build the same game for Android everything is Ok exept the fact that the thumbnail is staying black when saving.
    However the game is correctly saved and I can load it by selecting this black thumbnail.

    My smartphone is a Samsung Galaxy A10 with Android 5.0.2.

    Thank you for telling me if  this is  a known problem ?


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  • #2, by afrlmeMonday, 24. February 2020, 21:46 4 years ago
    That's a known issue. It's disabled on android currently. You need to manually assign a thumbnail.

    Known issues

    Android: no information about wrong data files

    Android & iOS: no screenshots -> use the savegame images

    Android & iOS: no 3D character model support
    you have to assign a save game thumbnail via the properties section for each scene.


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  • #3, by elwanTuesday, 25. February 2020, 11:35 4 years ago
    I assigned a .png picture (same size as scene)  on the "Savegame screenshot" property of each scene.
    No change on Android game.
    The PC game is not using those new pictures, the saving is behaving as usual.

    I tried as well  the "Savegame screenshot" property in the Game properties, with no result.

    I must have missed something....


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