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  • #1, by steve-jugeWednesday, 27. January, 23:18 A month ago
    Dear all,
    i am going totally crazy. I tried lieterally everything, but I can´t see the issue. 

    I built a S&M Interface (Main Interace, right click sets the "next command", so you can circle through.  Made 4 Command Buttons in the Main Interface I created, linked them all to one cursor each. (Go to, Use, Look, Talk). In this Interface I set the standard command to "Go To". 
    In the setting for the mouse:  Left click sends character to cursor, right click circles through the commands)

    In my scene 1 everything works fine, all interactions with my scene objects work perfectly, whatever command i choose by rightclicking. The cycling through the commands, clicking somewhere sends the character there... perfect.

    Then I set up an "Exit" zone in form of an object in a corner of the scene. Gave it an obejct area. made it walkable, set the position-cross there  and put the following action to this object:  Executed command on object  (not immediate, because the character shoudl go there first)...Go To ... Switch to scene XXXX and defined my scene number 2. 

    Clicking on the area with my "Go To" Command, the standard command, sends the character to this EXIT but nothing happens. 

    When I changed the Exit´s ACTION executed command from "Go To" to "Use" works and the scene is changing. But of course I want the standard command (my arrow cursor) to do this!

    Just an idea, but I do think it has someting to do with the mouse setting, that the left click sends the character to the object and in this case cannot EXECUTE it at the same time. As long as GO TO is the standard command, it does not work as well. 

    What am I not seeing here? 


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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 28. January, 00:09 A month ago
    Disable "walkable".

    Walkable that means the character will walk to the position you click on but not the position that's specified, which means if it's an execute at destination type command you are using it won't execute because it's not actually walking to the specified position in the properties section of the scene object.


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  • #3, by steve-jugeThursday, 28. January, 08:14 A month ago
    Thanks a lot.... such a tiny little thing... !!!


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