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  • #1, by dionousSaturday, 20. May 2017, 19:11 7 years ago
    Hello to all,

    When using Run on Scene, the 'At Begin start following action' always applies. Is this normal behaviour? Because, every time we run a specific scene the intro logo, menu etc.. have to play (because we have included these in the start action). Would be nice to have an option to bypass the start action when using Run on Scene, otherwise we need to delete the start action for now.

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  • #2, by sebastianSaturday, 20. May 2017, 19:14 7 years ago
    seems to be a normal behaviour. This action gets triggered when the scene is entered. No matter how. 

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  • #3, by dionousSaturday, 20. May 2017, 19:31 7 years ago
    Thanks Sebastian,

    Just to be clear, i'm referring to the the action that gets triggered only once when the game begins (the one set in the Game Properties), not for any other scene start action.

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  • #4, by PaupasiaSaturday, 20. May 2017, 19:39 7 years ago
    I had already reported this problem. Though just remove only the video and it works.

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  • #5, by afrlmeSaturday, 20. May 2017, 21:29 7 years ago
    You have to wrap at begin of scene actions inside of an if query.

    Create a condition for it. Then inside of at begin of scene action you do something like this...

    if condition "example" is false
     execute some action parts
     change condition "example" to true
    end if

    That way it only triggers the actions inside of the if query if the condition is met.


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