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  • #1, by cavemanMonday, 30. June 2014, 21:53 7 years ago

    I made a test game on my laptop using the free license but it wont run on my pc.

    There are no messages so I cant see what the issue is.

    Could it be because its the free version and its a deliberate restriction? Or would there be a way I can see any error messages that arent obvious immediately?



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  • #2, by afrlmeMonday, 30. June 2014, 22:15 7 years ago
    Could you provide some more details please?

    Does it try to launch the game or does nothing happen when you click run? Does it crash shortly after launching the game? Does it crash after you do something in the game? etc etc...

    Could you provide details about your laptop please? specs, os & what version of Visionaire Studio you are using...

    If you don't mind sharing your .ved & resource files with me, then I could check if it runs on my machine or whether it is something you have done in your game that has caused it to crash.

    P.S: if you go into the vs options & set the log level to "info", it might print out more details to the log file which should be located somewhere in c:/users/username/appdata/game_name or company_name/messages.log or messages.txt


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  • #3, by cavemanMonday, 30. June 2014, 22:49 7 years ago

    Nothing at all happened when I tried "Run Game" and nothing went into the log after I did this. Nothing crashed it just ignored me basically.

    I did just solve it though by launching Visionaire Studio as Administrator.

    I'm glad to have solved it but it would be good if there was something more in the log as to what the issue was.

    Just to answer the question about os etc:

    Windows 8 (64 bit) Laptop
    Windows 7 (32 bit) PC

    Visionaire Studio 4.0 (build 1165)

    Hope nobody else gets stuck by this - I love the program btw - so simple and easy to use!




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  • #4, by cavemanMonday, 30. June 2014, 22:56 7 years ago
    BTW - Thanks for replying so quickly!


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  • #5, by afrlmeMonday, 30. June 2014, 23:46 7 years ago
    Hmm did you create your game in the program files folder? I know windows 7 & 8 is a but of a pain in the arse as far as restrictions go. Best place to create your games is in the documents folder, a folder on your desktop, or a folder in your dropbox folder (if you have dropbox or something similar installed).


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