Rippling Water FX

  • #1, by aaron-gwynaireWednesday, 16. January 2019, 13:26 5 years ago
    Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone knows of any methods to create rippling water FX using Visionaire Studio 5? I am using pre-rendered 3d graphics, and my game is similiar to the style of Myst and Riven. It would be cool to get the water to move / ripple in some way, shape or form ... If anyone has any information regards this topic, feel free to message through!


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  • #2, by stothewWednesday, 16. January 2019, 14:12 5 years ago
    Hi there!

    you can achive this with shaders! Shaders can be very complex but it wold be possible to add some move /ripple to a mask or even to a single image (at least the shader toolkit can to it)

    if you want to have some example of working shaders you can have a look at the Shader toolkit:

    i guess there might be a newer version around.. but i do not have a link at the moment.

    Hope it helps!


    here is the new version:

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