• #1, by sethdrosopoulosTuesday, 03. January 2017, 14:07 7 years ago
    Hello developers.

    I am a big fan of your amazing engine which made it possible to non coders to experiment and achieve the creation of an old/new school adventure game.

    I am from Athens, Greece and I must inform you that there is a strong community in greece of adventure lovers, especially for the classic ones. After all we all grew up with the amazing titles of the past.

    The revival of the genre during the last years made me consider making my own game as in my 37 years I feel nostalgia for the old days more than ever. 

    However, I feel pretty much alone in this as the resources to help me achieve my goal are extremely limited.

    I would like to give me a suggestion regarding where I could try to find some people to form a team towards creating a game.

    BUT most of all, I would like to ask you to create a series of video tutorials to help us become failiar with the engine and exploit its treasures.

    There are many many aspects that haven't been known to indie solo devs like me and some tutorials would clear the air.

    For example, I am currently using blender to familiarize myself with 3d modelling so I can then drop my models to the engine and start my workflow, but I don't know compatibility issues and generally a concrete way of making it happen. 

    The documentation provided is extremely limited and it is insufficient to get us stand on our feet.

    I hope I made my point clear and I am sure that I speak on behalf of many other indies out there.

    Have a nice new year all.



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  • #2, by afrlmeTuesday, 03. January 2017, 14:25 7 years ago
    Those will likely come once the new engine is released. The next update of Visionaire Studio as you are probably aware will be a lot different to the current version, mostly due to Simon removing wxWidgets frame work thing & building a custom GUI for the editor from the ground up. For this reason alone I feel it would be pointless to create any more video tutorials for the current editor - the same goes with the documentation, as it would all need to be redone when the next update is released.

    P.S: we don't personally make tutorial videos. Documentation will be worked on - I believe Thomas (Marvel) is planning on publishing some kind of online manual directly integrated into VS website that has option for multi-languages & a pdf export option.

    P.P.S: one of the members on here (redspark) who kindly made most of the available tutorial videos mentioned to me recently that he was planning on making some new ones, but like me, he's waiting on the new editor to be released. I doubt I will ever release proper video tutorials myself, but I don't mind creating reference videos to go along with text based tutorials on the wiki, which I may or may not try & sort out if I can find the time - often busy these days with one thing or another.

    By the way, have you checked out the tutorial section under documentation on the wiki? I think almost all of the available video tutorials are listed there, though I think I may have forgotten to include redspark's last video - bad memory, but you can check that out via his youtube account anyway.


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  • #3, by SimonSTuesday, 03. January 2017, 16:02 7 years ago
    Many things will obviously happen once the editor is released wink

    I hope to do some as well especially for the programming side of things, but time...

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