reflection in a mirror

  • #1, by wimfThursday, 05. June 2014, 13:30 10 years ago
    I Looking for a way to make the following effect:

    When my character is in front of a mirror, I'd see that his reflection

    Is this possible?

    Thank in advance for your help.

    Best regards

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  • #2, by saintandsimonThursday, 05. June 2014, 13:48 10 years ago
    Hm, maybe by cloning your character and flipping the image. Then set the second character behind a mirror (hiding it with a layer of a wall or something) and let the mirror be a window. Just an idea though, don't know if it's gonna work. smile


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  • #3, by wimfThursday, 05. June 2014, 14:16 10 years ago
    Hello. Thank for your answer.

    Good idea, but then if my character moves, the other character should move at the same time ..?smile

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  • #4, by afrlmeThursday, 05. June 2014, 15:02 10 years ago
    Well that would also be possible. You would have to get the destination of the playable character & then calculate the offset of where the mirrored character needs to move to - for the movement side.

    Mirroring the animations would be easy enough. You would just trigger both the player animation & the mirrored characters animations at the same time. - only have it trigger the mirrored character animations if the playable character is inside of a specified action area in the way system.

    All in all, this is no simple thing, you are wanting to achieve here.


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  • #5, by wimfThursday, 05. June 2014, 15:25 10 years ago

    Ok thank you

    I'll try it this weekend and I'll let you know. thank you very much

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