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  • #1, by afrlmeTuesday, 21. July 2015, 17:50 6 years ago
    A'llo all,

    I spent a wee bit of time looking for a solution for real-time (automatic) log monitoring of the messages.log & viseditor.log files. Initially I was considering programming my own application, but luckily I ended up finding a nice open source application that works silently in the background without needing the application window to be active, unlike most of the other apps that I tried.

    Anyway, here's a short guide I wrote on the wiki, on where to download the program & how to setup monitoring for the two log files you might want to monitor while developing your game.

    Why would you want to monitor your log files? Well... it's a great debugging method for flagging issues generated by the editor while working in Visionaire Studio or for watching out for issues, errors & warnings during runtime, which is extremely useful to both developers & scripters alike.

    Have fun fumigating your projects! wink


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  • #2, by turricanTuesday, 21. July 2015, 19:17 6 years ago
    Good idea! grin
    Thank you!


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  • #3, by sebastianTuesday, 21. July 2015, 20:05 6 years ago
    good to know smile
    Do you know if there is something in OSX? i know i can view logfiles in the console app but may i have to test if it autoupdates.

    By the way. For me i have no messages.log inside /Application Support/Gamename/ (OSX dir) or viseditor.log in /Application Support/Visionaire Editor

    I only entered the Gamename but no Company in the gamesettings. Could this be the result?

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  • #4, by afrlmeTuesday, 21. July 2015, 21:11 6 years ago
    Did you try the tip I mentioned about finding the localAppDir on the wiki page? I know that on osx the localAppDir is split into 2 folders I think. 1 for logs & other for saves. Not sure why.

    I found these pages (see links below) in regards to OSX, but I've not had the chance to test the app or the Terminal method yet, as I'm currently using my secondary monitor with my windows laptop at the minute.


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  • #5, by sebastianSunday, 16. August 2015, 19:51 6 years ago
    For people who want to find their messages.log or visionaire.log
    These are located here:

    ~/Library/Logs/Visionaire Editor/visionaire.log

    You can open them with the console program and these are read automatically in realtime. So no need to have something like Snaketail.

    Would be great if this could be mentioned anywhere in the wiki because for mac users i never found out where they were located. Just stumbled upon it right now

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