Randomly flying glowworms

  • #1, by marvelSunday, 30. October 2016, 10:49 8 years ago
    Hey Guys,
    I have 4 Animations for flying glowworms. Now I want these glowworms to fly around randomly. 

    This is what I am planning:
    - The 3 animations should be placed randomly on the screen
    - The animations should be played forward or reverse randomly
    - The animations should be scaled from 100% height to 50% height randomly
    - There should be a maximum of 15 animations on the screen

    Is it possible to do this with just 3 animations? If yes, how? ^^ I would be very happy for an example script or template for this. 

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  • #2, by afrlmeSunday, 30. October 2016, 14:28 8 years ago
    No, you would need one animation per glow worm. If VS had an object creation & destruction feature like Game Maker Studio then it might be possible.

    The other stuff you mentioned is possible though. See my dynamic clouds example on the wiki in the tutorials section. Curved pathing might be a bit of an issue though, but straight & diagonal lines shouldn't be too much of a problem. Random position & scale is easy as you can control both of those with Lua script & the to() tweening function.

    What about using the particle system?


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  • #3, by LebosteinTuesday, 01. November 2016, 12:14 8 years ago
    You should ask the developers of "The Night of the Rabbit". Most scenes are full of surrounding particles. For example the first scene (at 10:20):

    PS: Why the visionaire forum ignores the time shift setting in youtube URL?

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