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  • #1, by callumHartSunday, 23. March 2014, 01:06 11 years ago
    (Yeah it's me again, having quite a few issues.)

    I can't find a method for an action to happen at random/timed intervals.

    I'm wanting a character to walk in and out of the room, but I can only do actions when a player interacts with something (i.e. Button Click).

    Is there a way to have the action happen randomly? I haven't seen any tutorials that go too far into depth besides the basics.



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  • #2, by afrlmeSunday, 23. March 2014, 01:23 11 years ago
    you can create actions to be performed at begin of scene... scene actions tab > at begin of scene.

    you can also create called by other action actions which can be called via the call action action part at any time you like.

    you can also create timed events & loops by combining the pause action part with the jump to action part action. jump to action part action is best used with an if query otherwise it will continue looping until you manually quit the action.

    essentially what you are wanting to do, would be to create a called by other action containing the jump to x action part wrapped in an if query with pause actions where needed & the other actions needed. you would call this action inside of an at begin of scene action - or after some other condition is met.

    Pretty vague I know but it's late & I'm about ready to climb into bed.

    P.S: in regards to the random part... you could have it randomly select a value between x & y, which would then determine which action would be called.


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  • #3, by callumHartSunday, 23. March 2014, 02:26 11 years ago
    Don't worry about it being pretty vague I got it sorted!

    I have no idea why I didn't check the scene actions tab earlier, must've been looking at it too long. The jump to action is exactly what I needed thanks smile


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