questions about loading a saved game

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    Hello there.

    Im doing a bit brainstorming right now about how to implement the saving and loading inside a testgame. While doing this some questions came up in my mind. Hope some of you guys can help me out here and explain some stuff:

    1. Ive read about "autosaves" and a general saving. Is there a difference? Are there different methods of setting up such save/load menus?

    2. Is it possible to do a loading menu inside an interface instead of a menuscene?

    3. What gets saved when saving the game? When quitting, starting and loading the game, are there any things to consider?
    -Do the animations return where they were when i saved the game or do they start from beginning?
    -Do characters which moved over the screen continue from where they left or are they standing on their last (original) place?
    -Do the definitionscripts continue to work ?

    4. is it possible to name a savegame?

    kind regards smile

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