Puzzle examples?

  • #1, by Mike Silverberg WirthTuesday, 05. February 2019, 20:42 5 years ago

    Are there examples that show how to add pop up boxes with close up views? I'd like to allow players to see inside of drawers or other small spaces to retrieve items.

    Any help would be great.



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  • #2, by afrlmeTuesday, 05. February 2019, 21:34 5 years ago
    Sure, I created a tutorial recently which covers that. I actually wrote/created the tutorial to explain how to bypass the 10 scene limitation of the evaluation version of Visionaire Studio by using grid based scenes, but I also covered showing close-ups using interfaces too.

    Anyway, here you go: https://wiki.visionaire-tracker.net/wiki/How_To_Create_a_Sce...(h2). There should be a link to the ved & resource files at the bottom of the page.

    P.S: please could you edit your other duplicated thread & delete it? cheers.


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