Prompting the player for multiple choice answer

  • #2, by afrlmeMonday, 14. April 2014, 14:25 11 years ago
    The whole engine/editor itself is fairly straight forward. The majority of stuff you can achieve in editor is quite logical.

    Sure, you could use the dialog system for what you are asking because it is possible to create multi-level dialog branches & it is also possible to control which branches/dialog options are visible by assigning a condition to them. Personally I don't like the current dialog system very much as it's not much use for how I want to do things but it's ok if you don't need to do anything complicated like lip syncing or controlling the characters animations, or multi-way conversations between a group of characters.

    You could use multiple dialogs &/or conditions & a value + some if queries to determine which dialog to open or which conditions to set to display specific dialog options etc.

    The other alternative you have is to create an interface or scene (if you are doing up close talk view) & create objects that will represent the questions/answers/dialog graphic images that you can enable/disable as needed. I believe that you could use either the display object text action part under miscellaneous to display the text questions/answers or you could create them as images & assign them to a scene or interface button.

    I know I haven't really explained how to go about it in great detail, but hopefully my reply helps somewhat.


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  • #3, by const4ntineWednesday, 16. April 2014, 18:15 11 years ago
    Is it possible to do moral choices in visionaire like in TellTale's games?


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  • #4, by afrlmeWednesday, 16. April 2014, 18:32 11 years ago
    @ nibl: what? no you can sort everything out in-editor with action parts. The only reason you might use Lua for dialog/talking is for lip syncing the characters talk animations to what is being said but that's easier said than done! wink

    @ const4ntine: sure, that's what values, conditions & if queries are for. You can use them for controlling what is active, inactive, what has already been done, or has yet to be done by the player etc... see:


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