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  • #1, by littleledsFriday, 10. January 2014, 17:00 11 years ago
    Hi guys, I'm doing a game based on Agatha Christie's books, I believe the demo will be finished in a month or so. Here goes some artwork, what you think?


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  • #2, by afrlmeFriday, 10. January 2014, 18:23 11 years ago
    the environment designs seem to be well designed, but the overall look & feel of the images & textures seems a bit too clinical to me. All the lines & textures are super smooth, which leaves the textures looking a wee bit flat for my taste, but that's just my opinion as I'm not the biggest fan on vector art in the first place due to it lacking much depth/variation texture wise.

    I'm more interested in seeing where you take it story-wise to be honest.


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  • #3, by NigecFriday, 10. January 2014, 20:28 11 years ago
    I like the graphics, probably because its something I try to achieve with 3D renders (its not that easy with a photoreal renderer)
    I'll look forward to seeing how it progresses!

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  • #4, by denis-Saturday, 11. January 2014, 00:09 11 years ago
    Very nice! which program did you use for the characters?


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  • #5, by frenzykittySaturday, 11. January 2014, 09:17 11 years ago
    This looks absolutely magnificent!!!


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  • #6, by littleledsMonday, 13. January 2014, 15:02 11 years ago
    Thank you guys for the answers. Denismarani, I'm using Illustrator and photoshop for everything.


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  • #7, by vkouroubSunday, 19. January 2014, 09:38 11 years ago


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  • #8, by fritozTuesday, 11. February 2014, 08:40 11 years ago
    wow, very nice style you have!! the actual characters looked amazing!

    i really liked the main living room with the big portrait, and the dark basement-

    good settings so far for a murder mystery!

    i do understand what AFRLme is saying about the general "cleanliness" of the vector style, in particular the scene with the boat docks is a bit flat, you have inconsistent shadows, the sign on the far left has distinct shadow cast, but nothing else really does..the boxes upfront seem very flat with no shading/shadows- but in contrast the entrance hall scene has much better shadows!

    but hey, this is just constructive criticism! We just want to help you make your game the best it can be-

    I hope when i post some of my screenshots that people will take the time to critique my stuff honestly, that way we can learn and get new viewpoints

    SO! how are you going to animate these now? I know of several programs that allow you to take a static image like the characters you posted and easily animate them by placing puppeteer points at certain joints and then you can animate them!

    thanks for posting these and keep us updated!

    *btw, do you think you could make a quick tutorial how to make you characters in illustrator? im kinda rusty with that program- i know i can scan in a line drawing and convert it to vector lines ok, but then simplifying excessive points and grouping parts of the converted image and coloring it is giving me issues


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  • #9, by ScubidubiThursday, 13. March 2014, 14:13 10 years ago
    I like the vector images. The color tone and style remind me of the 70's and lately used retro inspired cartoon shows on various channels. secret agent stuff smile cant wait to see more. the light house seems a little too bright or vivid. compared to the conditions of lighting on other objects in the background.

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