Problems with dialog

  • #1, by AmandaDayMonday, 22. June 2015, 06:55 9 years ago
    Hey everyone. I've thrown together a few drawings to test out visionaire programming. I'm working with dialogs at the moment and a problem has come up. During the gameplay, the space between the dialog texts are really far apart. I can't for the life of me figure out what's causing this. I made the text smaller but there's still an unreasonably large space. I added a screenie of it.
    I've set it up so the dialog box graphics are in the main character settings and the dialog itself is in the NPC settings.

    Also I was hoping to have the dialog box down the bottom, and have the characters voices down the bottom like subtitles. Is there are way of doing this? I've been trying to find a menu option that will do this but I haven't found it. I was hoping to avoid script. Granted, the resolution of my laptop is not the same as Visionaire's, so some of the menu options at the bottom of the screen have been cut off. Am I missing something important because of that? (I'll be getting a new laptop soon thankfully).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    EDIT: After trying to figure it out all day, I finally discovered that restarting my computer fixed the text spacing. Was just a bug I guess. Still having troubles figuring out how to move the text. From what I've researched it looked like it can be adjusted by putting code on every scene, but is that the only way to do it?


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