Problems exporting to Android from Mac

  • #1, by lukasSunday, 19. March 2023, 00:02 A year ago
    I'm on a Mac with VS Very hesitant to upgrade to the latest version at the moment, as I have a project that's running with next to no bugs and is ready for release - which is precisely the problem, as I want to create an Android version. I've successfully exported to Android before, but that was on Windows, and it seems there are differences on Mac.

    I first tried to export just by hitting export (thinking "last time I tried was about two years ago, and who knows, maybe this will work by now"). VS downloaded the platform and apparently successfully exported the game, to my astonishment. It won't install on Android devices though, giving an error message saying (rough translation) "The parser did not find any certificates in the installation package. Install the official version of this app." Even when adjusting the security level and confirming to know the risks, the game won't install.

    I then followed the official instructions in the wiki, installed JDK and Android SDK, downloaded the player and the signing keystore and copied both to the VS installation.
    When I export, I don't get asked about the location for jarsigner and zip align though. I've checked the .ini file, and there are no paths defined for those two as well (I faintly remembered these could be edited there in the Windows version).

    The export dialogue only has two items that are apparently connected to my problem:
    "find: /Users/[my name]/Library/Android/sdk/build-tools: No such file or directory"

    Could someone help me out, please? What am I doing wrong?


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