Problems building game for ios (ipad iphone)

  • #1, by patolandFriday, 26. December 2014, 10:55 10 years ago
    Hi! I have several problems when building export for ios (iphone 6+ or ipad mini). I have a small game, a few screens and a player. I make the build and got 3 files (.ini, .vis, .ipa). Using Itunes and ios 8.1.1
    I managed to move only the .ipa file to the ipad mini and got the app in the device, under the name Visionaire Player -no mater what was my original game's name and without a custom icon).
    When trying to play the app in the ipad mini it changes from 'Visionaire Player' to 'Installing' and tha'ts all, the app never starts

    Situation is even worst in the iphone 6+, as the app never shows in the iphone screen even after copy it via Itunes.

    I read that the ios exporter don't work with iphones? Is that correct? Any clue about the ipad mini problems?

    Thank you so much and nice Xmas!


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