Problem with timed sound

  • #1, by FantozziThursday, 22. January 2015, 11:11 10 years ago
    My hero puts a magic spell (he stole from a magician) on an object and the object transforms. With the transformation a sound is played. What my poor hero
    doesn't know - the transformation isn't finished yet. After two minutes it will transform again and then again and become bigger and bigger. I timed this action with "pause". The transformation should happen weather my hero is on the spot or not.

    Now - if my hero leaves the scene to another location, the sound of the timed transformation is played wherever he his. This makes no sense to me: the animation is bound to the scene (location), the sound instead is not.

    Do I something wrong or is this the normal behavior of Visionaire?

    Is there a way to link/bind timed sounds to a location? So that they aren't played if meanwhile my character left and is on another location?

    (sorry for my limited english)


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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 22. January 2015, 13:02 10 years ago
    Could you post some screenshots of the actions please? I need to know how you set this up, for any hope of me being able to provide a solution. wink

    P.S: if you are not working in the editor in English, could you please swap the editors language via options to English before taking the screenshots please?


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  • #3, by FantozziSaturday, 24. January 2015, 12:22 10 years ago
    Well, sorry, obviously the makers of visionaire thought more than me.

    There is already a "if character is on scene x" condition in the commands list. So all I had to do, is to set after the pause of 2 minutes:
    "if player is on the scene play sound/animation". So the sound/animation of the tranformation is only played if he is in the room.

    Quite simple. Sorry that I posted before I gone through all the posibilites I have.


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