Problem with testing the game. Visionaire keeps freezing afterwards.

  • #1, by loro-gamesWednesday, 07. March 2018, 15:42 6 years ago
    Hi guys! I have a weird problem. Visionaire is running just fine but after I exit my game when using the run game function visionaire seems to be completely unresponsive. I'm not even sure this is a problem with visionaire. I don't think the software is freezing it just doesnt react to my clicks. I can only close the software via right click on its taskbar icon (closing without error, completely normal). After starting again afterwards, everything is saved and working normal again.

    Whats also weird is that any window that is behind the visionaire window (for example some website on chrome) will be clicked instead of visionaire. (I hope you understand) This led me to the assumption that this might be a windows problem (Windows 10)? Does anybody have a clue what this could be or what I'm even on about?



    Okay I found the problem. After disabling fullscreen in the player options the problem was gone. This only happens when using fullscreen. Very weird.


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  • #2, by stothewWednesday, 07. March 2018, 16:35 6 years ago

    I have noticed the same problem on a Windows 10 maschine, so you are not alone. Anyway since i work on Windows 7 and Linux normally i did not do any future resarch.

    But this way you can be sure it´s not a problem with your game itself. or we did the same shit in our games smile

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  • #3, by loro-gamesWednesday, 07. March 2018, 19:38 6 years ago
    Hey mate! Thanks for clarifying! grin


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  • #4, by afrlmeWednesday, 07. March 2018, 22:05 6 years ago
    I recommend using windowed mode while running your game via the VS editor. You can toggle between window & fullscreen with alt+return/enter at any time you want anyway.

    P.S: make sure you also untick the widescreen option thing too.


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  • #5, by loro-gamesThursday, 08. March 2018, 10:16 6 years ago
    Thanks AFRLme! I did and everything seems to be working fine now smile


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