Problem with png files exportet from 3ds max.

  • #1, by KilgharrahMonday, 11. April 2016, 21:33 8 years ago
    I have problem with png files. When I add pictures it looks like this. Can anyone explain it?


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  • #2, by sebastianMonday, 11. April 2016, 21:42 8 years ago
    a few questions appeared. they are very effective:
    - how did you saved the png? any specific encodig options?
    - does every png looks like this or only these you use for this character?
    - does it look like this only in the editor or also when test playing?

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  • #3, by KilgharrahMonday, 11. April 2016, 22:05 8 years ago
    -It is in editor and when i playing game.
    - graphic in the team make this, at this point i cant say what is encoding specific
    - not every png look like this, some look normal and .jpg look normal

    This is .png export from 3ds max
    EDIT 2:
    Problem solved.
    If .png is from 3ds max then it does not work, but if you open this with photoshop and export again to photoshop then it works.


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  • #4, by afrlmeMonday, 11. April 2016, 23:42 8 years ago
    They have to be exported with specific settings otherwise they don't always work in Visionaire Studio. I don't recommend using jpeg at all. PNG is fine, but webp is better if you want to optimize your game better so that people on lower spec machines can play your game too, as webp file sizes are usually a lot smaller than png (without much to any noticeable difference from the original png file) & as a bonus because of the smaller file sizes all images / animations require less time to load & take up much less hard drive space. wink

    Anyway... these are the recommended settings in photoshop for your png files...

    Color Mode: RGB Color > 8 bit
    Background Contents: Transparent


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  • #5, by AkcayKaraazmakTuesday, 12. April 2016, 23:05 8 years ago
    It can also work from 3ds max but you should change the png export settings first, make it 8bit. And as Lee said, convert your pngs to webp for better game performance.

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