Problem with NPC interactions

  • #1, by VoltaicoWednesday, 09. July 2014, 21:30 10 years ago
    Hi everyone!, first time here.

    I'm making an adventure game, I'm following mostly glenfx tutorial and some pieces I found here (thanks a lot AFRLme and everyone else).
    The thing is I've got a problem with NPC interactions, I've set up an enter area/leave character area cursor action that changes the cursor automatically to look, if right click is pressed it changes to take/use or talk.
    If I enter the scene and point directly to the NPC it doesn't change the cursor nor the command, but (and here's the tricky part) if I point any other object first (the cursor changes correctly) and then come back to the NPC it works perfectly. If I walk or perform any other action between the object and NPC pointing it crashes again and I need to point in another object again before pointing the NPC.
    It only do this with NPCs, all object interaction work flawlessly.

    I know my english isn't perfect and that the situation is a bit messy. XD

    Great engine, customer service and forum btw.


    PS: Why the “Set Command” actions are not displayed?


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  • #2, by AlexSunday, 13. July 2014, 00:55 10 years ago

    "Set Command" actions are not displayed because the label is incorrect. This will be fixed with the next release.

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