Problem with audio. Maybe a bug, maybe settings.

  • #1, by elijahlucianSaturday, 03. September 2016, 22:42 5 years ago
    Hello. I am working with a developer for their game jam entry, and they are running into an issue with their audio.

    When I cut the files, I trim them really close to the actual content, I guess this is a problem with the engine?

    as you can see here: - my intro of the file is not clipping, but when it's played in the engine, the file starts with a "click" and it starts like it's chopped into the start of the waveform.

    Does anybody know what is happening? and I am hoping there is a setting to resolve it, because re-exporting 400 audio files is not on the top of my "want-to-do" list.

    If there is no fix, and I do have to re-export, can somebody give me the number of samples or milliseconds that I need to add to each of the files?

    Thank you.


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  • #2, by sebastianSaturday, 03. September 2016, 23:02 5 years ago
    hmm strange. Never experienced this issue and Im also cutting my audiofiles as short as possible (audascity -> ogg). Whats your file format?

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  • #3, by elijahlucianSaturday, 03. September 2016, 23:11 5 years ago
    The file format is OGG exported directly from Studio One 3.

    Here is one of the files he had a problem with

    "Haensel 04 starts with a clipping"

    Thanks so much for your help, Sebastian!


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  • #4, by afrlmeSaturday, 03. September 2016, 23:13 5 years ago
    I also trim audio files right to the start & end using Audacity. File format should be ogg (vorbis) at 100% quality or alternatively if you have export / conversion capabilities then Opus would be the format to go for.

    Mp3 is no longer officially supported by VS & never really was as it requires you to purchase a license to use / distribute mp3 files with your game. As for wav, it's just old school & the file-sizes are bloody massive, which is why we don't recommend them.

    As for converting, I'm pretty sure you can find an audio batch convertor program somewhere that can take care of converting all the files for you. wink


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  • #5, by sebastianSaturday, 03. September 2016, 23:15 5 years ago
    Just downloaded it:

    • No problems played with an audio player
    • No problems played in Visionaire Studio when creating the play sound action part and preview the sound
    • No problems played Ingame

    Do you have a Realtek audio driver? I know some people have struggle with the Deponia series and some of these problems are regarding to an old Realtek driver

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  • #6, by elijahlucianSaturday, 03. September 2016, 23:18 5 years ago
    well that's the thing, it's not me who has the issues, it's on his end.. I will forward him this post.

    Yeah, this just made me curious if anybody else had an issue, because I have always exported audio like this and never had a problem.

    Thanks guys.


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