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  • #1, by alex-bossiMonday, 11. February, 20:43 A week ago
    I read and followed the guide but arrived at point 7 I do not understand anything more, is not absolutely clear, there is a video guide or at least someone can explain well step by step how to do?


     ogg and opus recommended, videos are working now.

    Download JDK You need jarsigner from that

    (DONE jarsigner found do I have to copy it and paste it into the main directory of visionaire?)

    Download Android SDK You need zipalign from that

    (DONE zipalign found do I have to copy it and paste it into the main directory of visionaire?)

    Download the Visionaire Player for Android
    Download the Signing Keystore
    Copy the file visionaire.apk and visionaire.apk.keystore to the platform directory in your

    (DONE copied both into the VS root folder)

    Visionaire Studio installation

    (DONE I do not understand what it is used for and where should the files be placed once extracted? in doubt I put everything in the root folder of visionaire)

        Export your game for Android, you need to select jarsigner and zip align

    (at this point I do not understand how to do it)



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  • #2, by SimonSMonday, 11. February, 22:44 A week ago
    That's guide for V4.

    V5 is just select Android, press export (it downloads the file on its own).
    It will then ask you for the path of jarsigner, should be something like C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0....\bin\jarsigner.exe, 
    and then zipalign, which is in android-sdk\build-tools\....\zipalign.exe. 
    Just simply select them from their path and don't copy paste any files into some other folder.

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  • #3, by alex-bossiTuesday, 12. February, 00:41 A week ago
    Thanks so much SimonS I did as you say and everything works perfectly


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