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  • #1, by FabrazSaturday, 14. December 2013, 18:57 11 years ago
    Howdy everyone!

    My name's Fabian Rastorfer aka Fabraz, you might have played my previous game Cannon Crasha, here to show you my teams newest work of passion: The Wild Wild Pixel!

    Title: The Wild Wild Pixel
    Genre: Point & Click Adventure (Obviously, we're using this engine!)
    Synopsis: Jaqcues, our goofy protagonist, has lived his entire life in a valley deep in the western desert. It's not very big, all it has to offer are some canyons, a small town, a local waterhole and a train station. Truth be told, Jacques hates this place and he's been trying to escape it for all of his life. But somehow, for unknown reasons, each attempted escape from the valley is unsuccessful. Jaqcues’ suspicious as to why he can't leave but none of the villagers share his sentiment. "Why'd you ever leave this place to begin with?" they say. In his frustration Jacques decides to explore the valley once more and by chance, he stumbles upon the biggest revelation of his life... The world he knows, the world he lives in, is a game. The valley is disconnected, deleted code and the Wild Pixel is here to guide him out of it.

    We're currently in an in-house family alpha (0.01) and are aiming to release the game in a year or so. Progress is doing great and our plan is to release chapter 1 in a beta state for free as a teaser, followed by a search for funding may it be through traditional publishing or kickstarter.

    I encourage you to check out our fancy website for more information about the game, the great team we've assembled and most importantly to check out our cool 20 minute gameplay video! We're also running a dev-blog I implore you to check out! We update it regularly and it's a fun insight to our work ethic.

    Please let me know what you think of The Wild Wild Pixel and feel free to ask me any questions at all!

    PS: It's a shame the image viewer on this forum doesn't play .gif's. smile Most of these are animated on our website!


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