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  • #1, by pietro-eccherFriday, 13. March 2020, 18:28 A year ago
    Hi, I already wrote an email to team@visionaire-studio about that, but I post it here because someone else might be interested too:

    I tried VS5 demo and I was about to buy a Mobile license.

    I noticed that on the "buy license page" you are speaking about VS6 (which should be better and in theory long term supported) saying that we will need a different license for VS6.

    Should I wait to buy a license?

    I don't want to buy a license for something that will be discontinued in a short time, if you understand what I mean.
    I know how fast android and ios are upgraded and requirements change, and that's why I decided to give VS a try - to avoid all the upgrading stuff on my shoulders and focus on the game, but I am not as rich (yet) to afford 1 license per year smile

    Any advice?
    Thank you


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  • #2, by SimonSFriday, 13. March 2020, 18:42 A year ago
    I'm just gonna answer it here:

    Vis6 is in the far far future. Maybe not at all who knows. At least 5 years or so. It's only there to make it clear, that if we should chose to release a new major version, it might not be covered with the current licenses.

    Vis5 has long term support, at least 5 year or so.

    So answer: Buy now grin

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  • #3, by afrlmeFriday, 13. March 2020, 19:16 A year ago
    Umm quick note: the mobile license is per title (game) currently. It's only valid for a single game. Maybe that will change in the future?

    I recommend just buying one of the indie licenses for now as you can use them to make & distribute as many games (digitally) for windows, mac, linux, & html5 (free/ad-based) as you like, & you can also export for android/ios with that license (free/for testing purposes), but you will need to purchase a mobile license once you are ready to distribute your game for android &/or ios devices.

    Sorry to weigh in on your "buy now" Simon, but I believe that they should have all the information in regards to the non-indie licenses before they splash out money on them.

    @pietro-eccher: the general idea is that to begin with you get an indie license. you use that to be able to develop your game & also unlock the export/compile section of the VS editor, once your game is ready you should stagger releases, so you would release for let's say windows, mac, &/or linux first, then wait a couple of months or so then release for mobile devices, which in theory by that point you should probably have enough for a mobile license anyway - providing your game is received well/ok & you are making profit.

    Also before I forget, both the mobile & professional licenses include the indie multi-user license with them.


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  • #4, by pietro-eccherFriday, 13. March 2020, 21:28 A year ago
    Thank you Simon and afrlme: my goal is to publish this game on mobile so I will have to buy the mobile license anyway (I don't think I can upgrade license since I need to buy a license for every game I'd like to publish on mobile).
    I don't plan to make hundreds of games with Visionaire now (maybe if this one goes well enough yes, but not at this point).

    You made me think about one thing to ask in advance though:
    I thought to understand that the license limit is only about distribution and publishing of games: I mean VS5 will be unlocked anyway to make prototypes or proof of concepts, or even full games (assuming that if I plan to distribute those in any circumstance I will have to buy another INDIE license - desktop only, infinite games - or MOBILE only 1 game per license ).

    If I change my plans and choose to switch to another game(title) before publishing/distributing the first one do I have to buy another license? (I hope and I think not...)

    Thanks smile


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  • #5, by afrlmeFriday, 13. March 2020, 22:28 A year ago
    The mobile license covers one published/released game. You can make as many games as you like & the license will still be valid to publish/release as many games as you like for windows, mac, & linux - before & after you publish/release a mobile title.

    You have to think of the mobile/professional licenses as a written contract that gives you the right to publish your game for mobile &/or as a physical boxed copy in retail stores, instead of as something that unlocks features in the VS editor. The indie licenses (which are included) just provide you with your own serial key which unlocks limitations of the editor by enabling the build/export section, & removes the 10 scene limitation cap.


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  • #6, by pietro-eccherFriday, 13. March 2020, 22:33 A year ago
    Cool thank you very much!



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  • #7, by afrlmeFriday, 13. March 2020, 22:48 A year ago
    No problem. smile


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