Possible to make a game like Willy Beamish

  • #1, by robert-thurman-25765Monday, 04. November 2019, 07:48 A year ago
    Hi I was wondering is it possible to make a game on Visionaire Studio with similar mechanics to Willy Beamish?

    The sort of Game Mechanics I would love to incorporate are:

    - Non Linear Game Play, Multiple Endings

    - A Score Metre to judge how good or bad you are.

    - Decisions made in the game effect ability to make future decisions.

    This is from the gameplay section of the wikipidia page of Willy Beamish, I copied and pasted this because it is the same sort of game mechanics I would love in my game.

    Wikipidia Excerpt:
    "Many of the challenges that Willy faces are typical choices that a nine-year-old boy must make: whether to push his little sister on the swingset (and how high to push her), whether to wash his dad's car, and whether to take his dog for a walk. Making unwise choices can produce negative consequences of various sorts. For instance, if Willy does not wash his father's car, he does not receive his allowance, and cannot buy an item that he will need later in the game. In addition, Willy has a score system called the Trouble-O-meter, a thermometer with "Good Boy" at the bottom and "Cadet School" at the top. Actions that annoy Willy's parents will cause the meter to go up one level, and really infuriating them will cause it to go up more. If the mercury reaches "Cadet School", that's where Willy goes, and the game is over. "


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  • #2, by afrlmeMonday, 04. November 2019, 11:57 A year ago
    Of course.

    Games are compromised of values, conditions, & if queries after all. wink

    You would use values & conditions to store the score & decisions the player made, you would then query those values & conditions to determine the events of your game, so yes long story short, you can create a player driven game with multiple endings, but it will require some work based on how complex you make the story-line, & the impact the players decisions will have on the game world.

    Non-linear/branching games are quite complicated & require a lot of work & careful management/planning because they require a lot more conditions, values, & if queries than your typical linear story game.


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