Play two videos in a row

  • #1, by blablo_101Saturday, 03. October 2015, 21:27 8 years ago
    Hi! I have a little problem.

    I want to insert two videos in my game, like a cutscene but in the middle of my first scene.
    The videos are zooms of characters faces.

    I need to play the two videos in a row, but Visionaire always do the same: It shows the scene, then play the first video, then shows the scene again and finally play the second video.

    I need to avoid the scene between the two videos... There is any way? Or I need to edit in premiere the two videos?

    Thank you!


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  • #2, by afrlmeSaturday, 03. October 2015, 21:48 8 years ago
    Didn't know of that issue. Might be more beneficial to just combine the two? Alternatively you could temporarily set the scene brightness to 0 just before video plays & then set back to 100% after both videos have played.

    Actually I think there was an option somewhere in VS either in game tab or in the actual settings of the editor itself to show black screen after a video has played?


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  • #3, by blablo_101Sunday, 04. October 2015, 12:47 8 years ago
    Thank you.

    Yea, I can combine the two videos. I was looking an quicker way. I have so many mini-videos smile

    I'm going to search the black screen option too.It seems interesting an maybe is a solution for some videos.


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