Play online? / export scores to bbdd? / Access code to play?

  • #1, by TrskThursday, 24. March 2016, 10:00 8 years ago
    I've been testing the demo and I think it is amazing. I wish I'd known before!
    I'm interested in making an educational game for students and need to know a few things before starting.

    1. Is it possible to export to web and play online?

    2. Would it be possible to record and export goals Player to csv, txt, etc. or automatically send them to a bbdd? (Maybe with LUA ...?)

    3. Is it possible to create an access code for each student?

    No need to know how to do it (at least now), just to know if it´s possible, then I´ll design the game in one way or another.


    he estado probando la demo y creo que es asombrosa. Ojalá la hubiera conocido antes!
    Estoy interesada en hacer un juego educativo para alumnos y necesitaría saber algunas cosas antes de empezar.

    1. ¿Es posible exportar a web y jugar online?

    2. ¿Sería posible grabar metas del jugador y exportarlos a csv, txt, etc. o enviarlos automáticamente a una bbdd ? (Quizá con LUA...?)

    3. ¿Es posible crear un acceso con código para cada alumno?

    No necesito saber cómo hacerlo (al menos ahora), simplemente saber si se puede hacer para diseñar el juego de una forma u otra.

    Muchas gracias por el foro y gracias a aquellos que han invertido su tiempo haciendo tutoriales.


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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 24. March 2016, 12:22 8 years ago
    1. No. There's no html5 export option currently (maybe it'll get added in the future, but right now the devs are busy working on implementing other things).

    2. Do you mean actions / choices the players have done while playing your game? If so then yes, it's possible to write information to external files such as txt or cfg files. Also since 4.2.5 it's now possible to send & receive information to the web, so you should also be able to write information to say a file located on a server or maybe even to a mySQL database or something. It can also work the other way around too, so you should technically be able to display information received from somewhere on the web too, such as text information or an image, etc.

    3. Sure, you could manually program in an access code into a table or something & have the player enter their name & password / code or whatever into an input box which you would have to make out of a combination of Lua variables / values & the Lua event handler for key input (it's much faster than trying to use the built-in key actions system).


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  • #3, by TrskSaturday, 26. March 2016, 09:49 8 years ago
    Thank you very much for responding so quickly.
    The work you have done is really amazing. I think Visionaire Studio will help me in my project.

    We'll start to work!


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