Platform mechanics in Visionaire and "wsad" movement

  • #1, by SoherTuesday, 08. April 2014, 22:34 10 years ago
    Hi! I've discovered this engine for adventure games recently and i have some questions.

    My idea of game is based principally in the interaction with the world, like in old LucasArts games, but adding little parts in wich we need to jump for reaching parts of the scenario or hit characters. I'll like too that i can jump pressing space in every moment and that the character do the animation of hitting even where there aren't enemies.

    Clearly for a game like this i need the control of the character to be with the keyboard.

    Can i do all of these in visionare even if the engine is not done for these? If i can't do everything, can i do at least "wasd" control?

    Sorry if im not very polite or this is written with lots of fails , but my english is very bad because this is not my mothers tongue and i've not practiced it in years XD


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  • #2, by afrlmeTuesday, 08. April 2014, 23:32 10 years ago
    Yes, technically it's possible to control the character via the keyboard although the engine is not specifically designed for it. It's actually a lot more possible now in 4.0 because the character walk animation does not reset each time you click a new destination unless the destination forces the character to instantly change direction.

    See this thread here: - for more information.

    P.S: I may type up a tutorial/script for it at some point in the future. Just a little busy at the minute with various other things.
    P.P.S: if you are wanting to create 2d platformer based games then you might consider looking into IG Maker or GameMaker.


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