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  • #1, by fallacies_fallaciesThursday, 24. November 2016, 07:04 8 years ago
    Hey guys,

    How do you make objects in the foreground move at a realistic speed separate from the background? I'm trying to learn a about background perspective and having things move as the shot pans. For instance, if a character was in a graveyard and the background was rows of graves, is there a way to set it up so that as the character moves left and right, the angles that the rows of graves line up will change too? Most importantly, how much work is something like this? Any insight however detailed is appreciated.


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  • #2, by sebastianThursday, 24. November 2016, 08:02 8 years ago
    go to the effects tab of your scene object you want to scroll faster (or slower). There ypu should find two sliders for the x and y scrolling behavioir smile 

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  • #3, by fallacies_fallaciesMonday, 28. November 2016, 00:02 8 years ago
    Thanks. I also have a follow up question/problem. I've been having trouble deleting waypoints and also the points with footprint tool for setting walk animations. I'm using a mac on 4.2.5. Up to now I've just been working around it and starting over if I make a mistake but it would be really convenient if I could delete them. I've tried right clicking them, left clicking them and then right clicking them, left clicking and pressing delete, nothing works unless I delete the entire waypoint system or re-import the walk animation.


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  • #4, by afrlmeMonday, 28. November 2016, 01:06 8 years ago
    The mac editor is still a little buggy. Should be a lot better in the next update by all accounts.

    Quick note: it's the del (delete) key you need to press. Backspace doesn't work & neither does the del key on the numpad.


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