Pausing the game

  • #1, by BarneyTuesday, 03. December 2013, 22:36 11 years ago
    Hi, guys! I was wondering if there is a way to stop the game mid-action and then resume all processes like nothing happened. LucasArts implemented such function in some of their titles, like Full Throttle, for example, where you could hit Space and pause the game at any moment.


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  • #2, by afrlmeTuesday, 03. December 2013, 23:06 11 years ago
    Not without a load of work & hassle & even then it wouldn't be a true pause as you can't stop a character or animation mid movement/frame...

    the simplest solution is to just create a menu scene that contains some pause splash screen & change to that when you want to pause the game as it seems to resume from where it left off when you change back to scene of current character.

    for you to actually pause the game with some interface displaying pause over the top of the current scene I think you would need to lock all animation frames to whatever they are currently on & save the character destination & or destination object & command or item that was to be executed at said destination. you would also have to disable mouse & key input apart from the pause key & possibly whatever key takes you to the menu which would probably require a load of conditions or values & if queries seeing as the hide cursor action part kills all key input entirely.

    possibly? all theoretical thoughts on my end.

    PS: I forgot about the keep scene in memory action part but I'm not sure what data it stores.


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  • #3, by BarneySaturday, 07. December 2013, 15:05 11 years ago
    Thanks. I kinda figured it would be too much trouble. I'll try that menu scene trick you mentioned.


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