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  • #1, by marvelSunday, 23. October 2016, 17:17 8 years ago
    Hey Guys,
    is there a chance to pause the current game. Is there any lua script or a template for this? smile Any idea? A pause screen like this might help to do text corrections while playing the game


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  • #2, by sebastianSunday, 23. October 2016, 17:45 8 years ago
    I guess showing a menu would pause all activities on the normal scene... Not sure though

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  • #3, by afrlmeSunday, 23. October 2016, 19:39 8 years ago
    Using the keep scene in memory & switching to a menu scene works as a pause screen in a way. There's no easy way to sort it out in the active scene itself as it would mean storing loads of data into tables then forcing all active animations linked to the scene to the current frames they are on, storing character destination data if the character is currently walking to something - that alone is a pain as there's multiple destination fields to do with destination position, destination object (if object / character was clicked on), destination item (if item was used on a object or character, item picked (if item was dropped/dragged rather than executed) & so on. I'm not sure if I covered them all...

    All in all you would probably be better off asking if Simon can program something into the engine - preferably with an action part option for toggling pause on/off so that it can be assigned to a keyboard shortcut or a button on screen somewhere. I think it will be a fair bit of work for him though on account of needing to store all relevant scene & character data associated with the current scene.


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