Particles over a character / trigger a particle effect

  • #1, by PanSWednesday, 27. October, 21:50 A month ago
    Is there a way to create a particle effect in the front of an character on every scene by an action? I already tried to set a particle container on a scene or create a new object on the current scene and set a particle container to that object in Lua, but of course it works only after refreshing the scene. And the last methode has the problem too that the new scene object is allways at the last position of the z order/layer (sometimes behind the character). Is it possible to set a particle container to an interface or allways in the forground of a scene and activate it by a trigger? In the Lua Docs there are some "methods" for the particles system, but I dont understand how to use them: new(settings), draw(), update(), updateDraw()


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