Particles and WebP Format

  • #1, by redsparkSunday, 27. December 2015, 15:53 9 years ago
    I'm working on a rain effect for my main menu scene. When I used the attached image in PNG format as a particle, it appears fine. However, when I convert it to WebP, the alpha channel doesn't work. The particle type is a Quad and Render Mode is Smooth.

    I'm using OSX 4.2.5 version of VS and the latest version and latest patch for OSX. Thanks.


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  • #2, by SimonSMonday, 28. December 2015, 23:12 9 years ago
    Are you sure you are converting the images right ? Are you using cwebp ?

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  • #3, by redsparkTuesday, 29. December 2015, 00:18 9 years ago
    I converted it the same as every other image. They all work fine except the particles. I use XnConvert with WebP format and Best quality setting.

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  • #4, by tristan-kangTuesday, 29. December 2015, 12:01 9 years ago
    I think you shouldn't use WebP format for particle. The engine seems to detect particle image in a different way.

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  • #5, by afrlmeTuesday, 29. December 2015, 13:17 9 years ago
    I doubt there would be much difference in saved file size between png & webp for such a small image anyway?


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  • #6, by redsparkTuesday, 29. December 2015, 16:29 9 years ago
    Yeah, there isn't much savings for file size between the two. Performance doesn't seem to be any difference so I'm not concerned but it is something to keep in mind as an exception to the rule for image formats. If the particle engine likes PNG better than WebP, then that is one exception to keep note of unless it is planned to change in the future.

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