os.execute minimises game.

  • #1, by minibigsSunday, 18. January 2015, 16:32 10 years ago

    I set up a Key Action to run a Lua script in game if a key is pressed.

    Part of the script uses os.execute to run a batch file.

    This all works wonderfully, but when the os.execute runs it minimises the game window to the Taskbar, which when clicked on continues the game just great.

    Is there any way to stop it doing this?



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  • #2, by afrlmeSunday, 18. January 2015, 16:36 10 years ago
    No I don't think so. It does the same thing if you launch a web address too.


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  • #3, by minibigsSunday, 18. January 2015, 17:36 10 years ago
    OK, I guessed it was a no no thanks.


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