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  • #1, by pietro-eccherFriday, 01. November 2019, 22:18 4 years ago
    Hi, I am sorry for all these newbie questions but I just started with Visionaire and I am trying to learn its limits.. if there are smile

    I'd like to make a mobile game and I am thinking how to implement a "smart interface" which could be easy to handle with just one finger: the question is where to start, and if it might be possible:

    I thought an interface similar to Full Throttle, where a single tap means the first Command action placed in the action chain for the object, and a long press shows a "mini menu" with all the defined Command actions for that object, and a button to open/close a collapsable inventory window.

    Any suggestion/tutorial/stuff that comes to mind to put me in the right direction?

    Thank you smile


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  • #2, by esmeraldaSaturday, 02. November 2019, 16:39 4 years ago
    Sebastian did a tutorial for the coin interface (similar to the one in Full Throttle). It is in German, but maybe it can help you nevertheless.

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  • #3, by pietro-eccherSunday, 03. November 2019, 00:24 4 years ago
    thank you smile


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  • #4, by pietro-eccherSunday, 03. November 2019, 03:31 4 years ago
    I successfully followed the tutorial and I have a working coin interface, but I still have one issue on which I could use some help:

    I made a tweak to the example provided on the USE action, so that
    -when leaving interface if the current command is USE it won't revert to standard command

    This was necessary because I am planning to use combined USE command, and this was the only way I found to keep it working, however this leads to another issue: unless I remember to add set default command at the end of any chain of USE action, it won't revert to standard Command.

    Is there a way to automatically set standard Command after any performed action, keeping the functionality of combined action? (I mean, USE KEY is a successfull action, but if I have to USE KEY WITH DOOR it would have to wait for the second operator to switch command)

    Since the issue exists only with the USE action, I figured that I could make it less annoying with a check: if I click on "nothing" with my USE command selected, it might revert to standard WALK.
    However I am not sure on how to check if I am clicking on something because the Check "if object exist" doesn't work as expected for me: it seems that the object always exists (see attachment)
    Is there any documentation around?

    Thank you 


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  • #5, by afrlmeSunday, 03. November 2019, 11:54 4 years ago
    Here's a few tips in regards to command interfaces...

    1. You should only have one single interface that contains commands type buttons (per playable character).

    2. Check the properties for the interface, you can define the standard command there - if you don't define a standard command then you may have some issues with your command system.

    3. In the main game settings area of the VS editor you can define when the engine should automatically reset to the standard command via "activate standard command". Use "always" or "only after successful execution" to automatically reset to the standard command on left click. "never" will require you to manually reset to the standard command at your own discretion.

    In regards to object exists, an object will always exist if you are checking that via the action parts for an object because the cursor will be over it. An object (VisObj) can be a scene object, a character, an item, an interface button, etc - basically anything that contains an interaction polygon (object area).

    What you were supposed to do is create the actions in your screenshot in the left mouse button actions under mouse properties in the main game settings section of your game - you only need one instance of those actions.


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  • #6, by pietro-eccherSunday, 03. November 2019, 20:53 4 years ago
    Thank you! Now everything makes more sense smile


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