Object center gets active if an object was moved

  • #1, by LebosteinSaturday, 24. January 2015, 21:06 10 years ago
    If you move an object, and the object center is deactivated (-1) then the object center gets a value. That is very annoying to reset all object centers after moving and arranging some objects. Deactivated should remain deactivated.

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  • #2, by afrlmeSaturday, 24. January 2015, 21:26 10 years ago
    They all start off as -1, therefore in theory none of them should end up with automatic object centers (z-index). I guess it's a case of how many objects do you want to have with object centers, as opposed to how many without object centers?

    I suppose maybe a checkbox could be added to determine if object center should be locked. Maybe the devs would be willing to add something like that to the properties tab for scene objects.


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