NPCs moving between scenes.

  • #1, by Toasted AdventuresFriday, 21. August 2015, 13:50 6 years ago
    I'm making a game where I have a small village, and I want my NPCs to have a everyday schedule and move regularly between scenes. Let's say I will find them in their kitchen in the morning making breakfast and after breakfast they will walk to their job in the forest where they will be chopping wood for a while and then they will head back home again. I want this routine to always be active, no matter which room the player is in. Is this at all possible in Visionaire? Or should I try to fake it somehow and trigger these events randomly somehow? How would you go about this? Is this made with Lua or is it possible without it?

    And last question, how complicated would this be?

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  • #2, by CrossFriday, 21. August 2015, 19:14 6 years ago
    It is actually possible to have npcs move in real time through scenes even if the player is elsewhere:
    When you create an action area in a scene you can set the triggered action to be "always active". Through that you can move npcs from scene to scene, you just have to set up action areas for them as well to get around (you can build that pretty much like you do with the player-character for switching scenes). To create a timed cycle you would need an action that is looped permanently and raises a value, e.g. "hours_of_the_day". If the value reaches 9 you trigger the morning routine, when it reaches 17 you trigger the evening routine, when it reaches 24 you reset it to 0.
    It's still quite some work, but a great feature. I build an invisible alien following the player through a maze and even i, as the developer, dont know most of the times where it is.
    It gets a bit tricky when a scene or a part of a scene is visible from another scene, like when you have a closeup view and a distance view of something, then you have to "fake" npc-movements when the character switches scenes.


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  • #3, by brut69Monday, 24. August 2015, 17:35 6 years ago
    Wouldn't this be very memory and cpu depended?

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  • #4, by CrossMonday, 24. August 2015, 23:22 6 years ago
    Absolutely (there is a warning from the devs when you click the option). But it depends a lot of course on the size of your scenes, number of characters, game resolution etc.


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